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Italian Giallo Movies

by Antonio Bruschini and Antonio Tentori
Foreword by Luigi Cozzi

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“Giallo” is the Italian word for “yellow” and this GIALLO term was used in the 1930s to describe the mystery-thriller novels published in Italy that were bound in instantly recognisable yellow covers.

But this same GIALLO term has also been used from the early 1970s to definy the mistery/thriller movie genre wich has originated from Dario Argento’s THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and DEEP RED. And this book is the definitive guide to Italian GIALLO movies, the darker side of Italian exploitation cinema: over two hundred sex and horror movies dealing with beautiful, scantilclad females being menaced by knife-wielding maniacs...

Mario Bava set the trend of Italian GIALLO movies in the early Sixties with EVIL EYE and went on to define the genre with the savagely seductive BLOOD AND BLACK LACE. Then in 1969 young film-maker DARIO ARGENTO delineated the style of future Italian thrillers with THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE...

Antonio Bruschini and Antonio Tentori are two of Italy’s most acclaimed genre movie critics. Antonio Tentori has also written the scripts for Lucio Fulci’s A CAT IN THE BRAIN and Dario Argento’s DRACULA 3D...